Monday, 18 February 2013

For the Greater Good.. ?

In the last two weeks I've had Four doula organizations share the draft documents for their new and ready to be ratified "limits to practice" section of their OWN Standards of Practice.   While each has it's own subtle differences, there is one common thread among the four documents.  They all prohibit a doula that is member of that organization from attending Planned Unassisted Births - PUBs.    One went so far as to define the ownership of photos and documents and one was very specific on social media.    Each of the four groups that drafted these documents felt the need to move forward with this for themselves.  I'm interested in the genesis of this.   Is it that the national orgs that they are associated with have failed to hear their voices?  or is it that this kind of change happens from the local "economy" and then is adjusted at a national level?   In either case, the local organizations didn't feel that the documents generally accepted as guidelines for doula practice went far enough to professionalize them and to address the local issues they were noticing.  

The three "economies" of the doula profession, or any profession for that matter, individual, local and national  all need to upload or download according to their capacity to address an issue.  If something is beyond the purview of the individual it should be uploaded to the local scene and addressed by a group etc and if an issue is far reaching and beyond the capability of a local group it is then moved up the chain to the national level.  That's how Government works, or SHOULD at any rate.

So, I ask you... have you communicated the state of affairs you notice at your local levels to your national organization?  and if you have, were you heard? and if you haven't, should you?   Because while I am excited that these local organizations of doulas are moving things forward in their own communities, and don't get me wrong, I absolutely applaud them, I wonder about the in-consistencies that will inevitably arise and how the caregiver community will deal with them.   They already are very confused about doulas and what we do and do not do, does this create another problem or does it fix one?

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