Saturday, 27 April 2013

A Change at The Top

Those of us that live in British Columbia Canada are experiencing the height of a Provincial election campaign.  I'm so grateful that it's only a four week process, for the most part.   It may seem as thought we've been here many times before, on the precipice of a change in leadership, one that we hope will bring new energy and ideas; because we have.  EVERY election, we the electorate are looking for something different, a new message a new idea and renewed hope in our economy and ultimately, our way of life.

This is also the year when leadership in our national organizations such will be changing or has already just changed.   While I thank those that have been of service, I am feeling the same sense of urgency for renewed energy, new ideas and something different that I hope for in my home Province.   Board renewal is imperative.  New ways of leadership are vital and new and energetic people joining the team is intoxicating.    Perhaps I'm a rare breed, but I crave change.   I crave movement and innovation.   This is such a fast paced world and it can burn through even the most dedicated volunteers.  When new and talented people step up to the plate I want to give them a standing ovation because it is brave and it helps organizations grow and move forward.  

If you live in BC Canada, I'll meet you at the polling station and I hope you will also join me in welcoming the new leadership volunteers taking seats in all our organizations and support them with all your might.   We need them and they need US.