Monday, 11 February 2013

Asking the Tough Questions

After a long "break" I've decided to breath new life into "Doula Speak" and pick up where I left off.   The last three years have blown by me like a city bus and have brought me a wealth of new experience that leaves me more confused than ever about the state of affairs in the doula world.  I'd like this blog to be a place where those of us questioning the doula profession and wondering just where it is going, can share ideas and observations.  
So for those of you that see the "pink elephants" and observe that nobody really wants to talk about them....welcome.
On the table are subjects like- is this a "profession"? or a "vocation"?  and if we are going to call it a profession what do we then need from our local and national organizations?   We say we want change.  We're all out to "change" birth, but what exactly do we want changed in a system that has birthed the need for us in the first place?    And if we are successful in changing it, do we not author our own demise?

When I speak to doula communities about what they want to change ( a relatively simple question don't you think?) there are the typical answers and then , after a few minutes and a few pointed questions, there is this palpable realization that they don't REALLY know what they want changed.   Most groups, interestingly, lead themselves off into the land of self serving professionalization instead of changing birth itself.  
In the coming posts I'll be asking the tough questions and digging in uncomfortable places because that is how real change comes about.   I hope you will be along for the ride and that you'll feel empowered to say here, what you have not been welcome to say elsewhere.  
Let's, above all, be interested in the questions and unafraid of the answers.

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